How are we a sustainable company?

In each product we seek to incorporate environmentally friendly materials through the use of fabrics derived from recycled materials such as plastic bottles and reused fibers.

Additionally, we have decided not to use plastic in our packaging but rather cloth bags which can be reused multiple times and for multiple uses.

Our primary focus to protect our communities and our culture goes hand in hand with Amarelle's DNA: highlighting art and creations from different artists and art movements. Therefore, we have been carrying out the following works and initiatives:

1. We have partnered with the biggest local artisan organizations in Colombia: Artesanias de Colombia. Artesanias de Colombia is dedicated to help and support Colombian artisans, behind a craft there is an artisan, a family, a community. 

For each swim/apparel piece that our consumer acquires through our online store, Amarelle Swimwear will donate $ 3,000 COP to artisans within Artesanias de Colombia.

2. Protect our female artisans who are heads of households. 90% of the women who make our products are women heads of households and we have focused on giving them the opportunity to emerge and exploit their talents in the Amarelle production process.

Additionally, we are aware that as a brand we also have a voice and this must be used responsibly. Therefore, we have a commitment with our social networks to create impact, awareness and respect for our planet through initiatives and different campaigns.