Founded in 2021, Amarelle seeks to showcase different forms of art and movements through its garments and designs.

Amarelle is a brand of swimwear for women whose femininity is marked by self-confidence making her feel as strong and empowered as ever. By using a special type of seam which is soft and soothing on  the skin we ensure the most flattering fit.

The focus in our garments is to create a timeless and classic design empowering women as they would like to feel. Amarelle´s everlasting neutral palette diminishes the pass of time providing must-have pieces for every age, taste and occasion. 


Amarelle is a women-owner brand made up by three talented Colombians.

Laura Arciniegas was born in Bogota, Colombia. Following her passion for fashion/aesthetics she majored in business and design at Parsons. During those years in the city, she had the opportunity to work with world-renowned designers/brands like Adidas and Carolina Herrera.

Laura and Isabella Gallego are two sisters born in Cali, Colombia. Laura studied law and her expertise has been one of Amarelle’s greatest assets by not only being the company’s own lawyer but also managing the finance side of the business. On the other hand, Isabella is a professional textile designer who is deeply involved in the creative/design processes. Her expertise in the fashion/textile world with prominent names like Vogue LATAM make her Amarelle’s design genius.